Set yourself free!

Uncover the most kick-ass version of yourself. 

If you're ready to reject all the labels and identities holding you hostage

and embrace the truest version of yourself, it's time to Breakthrough To You


Move into 2021 UNBURDENED and ready to reach your goals!

Find the Source

If you've struggled for years to lose weight, make more money, develop healthy relationships, or achieve other big goals you've set for yourself, it's time to take a look at the identity you've been walking in. Identity is the source of what we can and will do!

Set Yourself Free

This self-directed coaching experience is designed specifically to help you identify the things in your subconscious that are holding you hostage and keeping you from living the life you want to lead. Once you set yourself free of the bullshit, you will be able to move forward unburdened!

Breakthrough To You

In this course, I will take you through the process of redefining who you know yourself to be and who you want to be. I will also teach you how to show up as your most powerful self each day and be the kick-ass woman I know you can be!

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

  • Do you feel like there is an invisible wall between you and life you really want to be living?

  • Are your goals and dreams still alluding you, no matter how hard you work?

  • Are you ready to dig deep and remove what is holding you back once and for all?

It's time to Breakthrough To You!

Breakthrough To You will give you the tools to:


Identify and eliminate the hidden and unconscious blocks that are keeping you from  your goals 


Define or redefine the you that you want to bring to the world, your truest, kick-ass self! 


Implement the strategies that will get you unstuck and get you started TODAY!

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All The Tools You Need To Breakthrough To You

Pay in full Today and save!

All The Tools You Need To Breakthrough To You

Everything you need, with a payment plan that's perfect for any budget. 

Meet Your Coach

I am a no-nonsense transformational mindset coach who is deeply invested in helping kick-ass women over 40 step into their power, achieve their goals, and change their lives. I am the biggest cheerleader for women who are ready and willing to invest in themselves and refuse to believe that the best is behind them. My method and programs are backed by science and delivered with tough love. I care genuinely about seeing women get the results they want and reject the limiting beliefs that keep them from kicking ass every day.