The FIVE THINGS You MUST Have (But Probably Don't) In Order to Create Focus, Freedom and Impact, Achieve Your Big Goals, and Take Your Life to the Next Level!


Are you a kick-ass woman who is tired of feeling like you're settling, and knows there is more to life than what your currently experiencing?


Is your dream to start living out the highest, grandest vision for yourself? Your finances? Your health? Your relationships?



If so, and you're ready to take it to the NEXT LEVEL, the Play A Bigger Game Masterclass is designed with you in mind! 


What you'll discover in this 5-module mini-course:

  • the key to overcoming overwhelm and frustration 🔑
  • how to create an "insurance policy" against the distractions that seem to threaten to stop your momentum or throw you off track
  • what keeps you stuck and playing small in your life
  • the science behind goal setting and why it hasn't worked for you
  • the true (hidden) foundation to your success and path to true change. 💥
  • and more!


Your Time is NOW!



In This Masterclass You Will Learn:

How to align your daily actions and more with the finances, life, and future you're trying to create; and how not to get distracted by the busyness of life, or sidetracked by hidden obstacles that threaten to derail your progress and keep you from the life you desire.

Why you struggle when trying to achieve the big and important goals you have goals; and the detailed step-by-step plan - your success game plan - that will end your struggle and allow you to achieve ANY goal you have for your life. 

The importance of mindset. You will learn that everything you have now and desire to create in your life begins and ends with mindset. And that the key to successfully creating your next level is to identify and replace the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.



For over 15 years, Personal Success Strategist Coach Kathy Wilson has been training and coaching people to succeed in their personal and professional lives.  And she has packed THIS masterclass with the strategies she uses not only with her clients, but also in her own life in order to help you take yourself, your business, and your life to the Next Level! You don't want to miss the training!


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