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What does your life look like right now?


How have you been impacted by current events?

(COVID, the quarantine, job layoffs, the struggling economy and job market, etc..)


Better question: 

What is your FUTURE going to look like if you don't make a change now?

Will you have enough money?

Will your business survive?

Will you achieve your goals?

Are you secretly worried that you'll never have the LIFE you TRULY want? 

If so...

The Your Next-Level Life™️Coaching Membership Program is for you!

What is Your Next-Level Life?

Your Next-Level Life™️ is a community, a program, and a methodology designed for women entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) with the goal of coaching you to create the business success and financial freedom you desire. So you can live the life you truly want to live.

The Your Next-Level Life™️ focuses on three main concepts: Focus, Freedom & Impact. 


For you to reach your next level, you must FIRST get focused. You must have a clear and focused vision, and a laser-focused plan. This will then allow you to take focused action aligned with your vision.


It is only AFTER you have your focused vision and plan, and are taking focused action, that you will be able to experience the financial and lifestyle freedom to live your life the way your truly desire.


Focus and freedom are the gateway to impact. The ability to create an impact with your business. And the ability to have a positive impact with your family, in your community, and in the world.


The Your Next-Level Life™️ Coaching Membership Program includes...

1) Access to The Ultimate Life-Planning System™️ (a proven, life-transforming methodology)...

2) Two (2) powerful coaching courses (Your Next-Level Life AND Money Mindset Mastery)

3) A thoughtfully mapped out 'Success Path' to track progress and prevent overwhelm

4) Homework assignments, activities & support resources to reinforce what you've learned

5) Access to the thriving members-only Facebook group of like-minded women

6) Monthly LIVE Coaching Masterminds

7) Monthly LIVE Q&As in the Members-Only Facebook group

8) Monthly expert interviews

9) VIP access to all 'Your Next-Level Life™️' events

10) Coaching, accountability, encouragement and feedback all along the way!

...and so many extra BONUS surprises that are going to absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND!

(Seriously! Blow. IT! *explosion sound*)



#1: Your Next-Level Life™️


Module 1 - A New PossibilityIn this module you're going to set the stage regarding what is possible for your life. You'll answer the question of what a new possibility truly means for you.

Module 2 - Let's Get Clear
In this module you're going to learn what true clarity is and dig deep to get clear on where you are, how you got there, and where you want to go.

Module 3 - Setting Effective Goals
In this module you're going to learn the process of effective goal setting. You're also going to learn about the leverage needed to stay committed to your vision.

Module 4 - Creating Your Plan
In this module you will begin creating your action plan for your goals and for your vision - and you will learn to distinguish between an action item and a project.

Module 5 - Your Habits & Routines
In this module you will examine your repeated behaviors, and determine whether or not they are in alignment with your vision and goals.

Module 6 - Mastering Your Mindset
In this module you are going to learn the power of your beliefs and thoughts. And you will learn how to bring your mindset into alignment with your next level.

Module 7 - Maintaining Your Momentum

In this module you are going to learn what true momentum is and how to maintain it throughout your quest for the next level.


#2: Money Mindset Mastery ®


Module 1 - The Courage to Be Rich
In this module you're going to answer the question of whether or not you have the courage to be rich, and why it takes courage to be rich.

Module 2 - Your Relationship with Money
In this module you're going to be taking a look at not only what type of relationship you have with money, but why it is the way it is.

Module 3 - Your Money Mindset
In this module you're going to be unearthing what you were taught about money that is no longer serving you in your desire to be rich.

Module 4 - Scarcity vs. Abundance
In this module you will look at whether or not you have a scarcity or abundant mindset and how that is showing up in your life.

Module 5 - Your Money Behavior & Habits
In this module you are going to look at the behaviors that are keeping you struggling financially and learn the habits to create the financial future you desire.

Module 6 - Expanding Your Capacity
In this module you will learn about capacity, how you are impacted by it, and how to begin expanding your capacity to receive the money your desire.

Module 7 - Your Money Reality
In this module you are going to look at the money reality you are creating for yourself and how that reality can be impacted. And you are going to review!

Once you complete these two courses you will not only have and be executing your next-level plan, but you will also have a financial mindset completely in alignment with the business success, financial freedom, and the life you truly desire and deserve to be living.


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QUESTION: Do you know the definition of "POOR"?

Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly 

Stop being THAT person and enroll TODAY!


The Your Next-Level Life™ Coaching Membership Program is your path to...


✓ getting crystal clear on the busines and the finances you want to create for yourself

✓ transforming your limited mindset around what is possible

✓addressing your fears and gaining the confidence to make a change

✓ mastering your mindset around money and abundance

✓ knowing exactly what you need to do each and every day to achieve your goals and create your next-level life

✓and SO much more!

So, if you have been struggling to take things to the next level, like, for-ev-uh...

Now is your chance to FINALLY get serious about your business, finances, and life goals!

With the Your Next-Level Life™️ Coaching Membership Program.

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  • Your Next-Level Life Coaching™ Membership program
  • M3 - Money Mindset Mastery® program
  • Monthly LIVE Mastermind Coaching
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • Monthly Facebook Live Q&As
  • BONUS: Monthly Expert Interviews & Interview Vault
  • BONUS: Digital Copy of the Ultimate Life-Planning Workbook
  • BONUS: 5-Module Self-Directed 'Breakthrough to You' program
  • BONUS: 30-minute, 1-on-1 Coaching Call w/Coach Kathy

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  • Your Next-Level Life Coaching™ Membership program
  • M3 - Money Mindset Mastery® program
  • Monthly LIVE Mastermind Coaching
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • Monthly Facebook Live Q&As

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  • Your Next-Level Life Coaching™ Membership program
  • M3 - Money Mindset Mastery® program
  • Monthly LIVE Mastermind Coaching
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • Monthly Facebook Live Q&As
  • BONUS: Monthly Expert Interviews & Interview Vault
  • BONUS: Digital Copy of the Ultimate Life-Planning Workbook

Join today for just $1 USD

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Do you want results like these...

Coach Kathy joined my path during the biggest and scariest transition in my life. I had burned the boats on all forms of security, and desperately needed support, mentorship and a good swift “it will be hard but you can do this” kick in the pants. Given her brilliant delivery I was able to quickly shift my poverty mindset - that plagued all areas of my life - to one of abundance. She helped me see that rebuilding my life was going to be slow and steady to be successful.  I started working with her in April, 2020 and now, just 7 months later, I have tripled my business (not kidding) in large part due to the mind shifts I have made which she was there to both teach and then support."

~ Jennifer, CEO, The Gardella Group (Doylestown, PA)

"I've been on a growth journey for years...constantly following 'experts' and reading books - trying to get to the place my soul wants and just spinning my wheels. THEN I FOUND COACH KATHY! In just 7 short months, I've started an IRA, started paying attention to my finances, dropped the dead weight in my life, tripled my business, invested in myself, and stayed on an upward trajectory in my personal growth. She is so inspiring and passionate. I am so thankful I clicked on her Facebook Group, and so glad I joined the Your Next-Level Life program. LIFE. CHANGING."

~ Danielle, Owner, Hickory Street Catering
(Powell, WY)

"Working with Coach Kathy has changed me, my business, and my financial mindset for the better. Kathy is a no nonsense, give it to you straight, no chaser, coach with heart. Anything she tells you is for your betterment. She has helped me realize some deep-seeded habits that I have and because of her I no longer go down the "rabbit hole" (or if I do start to go down the rabbit hole I am aware and I have the tools to get myself back on track). And before working with Coach Kathy I had no idea what I was doing or why.. Working with her has made me feel confident that I will be a top notch Realtor. I have burned the f-ing boats!!!."

~ Bobbie, Realtor
(Fredericksburg, VA)

Ready to Go? (Um, the answer is YES!)

Creating real, lasting change is one of the most difficult things to do. One minute you're making progress, the next you feel stuck. But it doesn't have to be this way. This is a great opportunity to experience personal transformation and learn the strategies to get you on the path to the next level of your life. So, take advantage of this opportunity and enroll in the Your Next-Level Life Membership Program TODAY. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Let's go get that DREAM LIFE!